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One of our Sponsors gets stuck in !

Our conservation projects depend almost entirely on the goodwill of the public and sponsorship from companies willing to lend a hand and donate money to assist us with the conservation of the vultures in South Africa. Skywings Paragliding aviation company based in Hout Bay, specializes in tandem paragliding Cape Town. Owner run by Kai Duran who has 25 years’ experience in the well-known sport of paragliding. You can experience the beauty the Atlantic coastline, Camps Bay, Table Mountain, Green Point and the Waterfront has to offer from a great height with a magnificent view. The launches usually take place from either Lions Head or Signal Hill. Both extremely famous mountains in South Africa. You get to explore the mountainous terrain, the oceans below as well as the many renowned places Cape Town has to offer. This extraordinary experience can be experienced for R 1150.00. You can go onto the Skywings website for additional information. Ever wonder what it would feel like to soar high above the land you’ve come to know and love, soaring through an open ended world of clear blue sky, experiencing the land below from the perspective of the cape vulture ? The sun basking at your back, the wind gushing at your feet, and through your wings, elevating you through the air. Listening to the pure bliss of birds searing through the vast blue sky. For moments, just moments, you feel as though you’re one with them. Looking down at the vast world below. The outstretched oceans, the green grass spreading for miles on end. For just moments you feel as though you’ve left the world, but you’re still in it, just in a completely different realm. Looking at it from this new and unfamiliar angle, anything seems possible.
From the moment your feet left the ground and all that was known to it, and launched you into the unknown. You feel an overwhelming feeling of achieving your wildest dreams. In that few moments that passes by, you get to be like a free-flying winged creature. Looking down on creation instead of walking on it, you’re flying high above its’ magical beauty. The world at your feet. Your gigantic wings, strong and sturdy guiding you through the sky on little gusts of wind. Soaring past mountains and hills so huge, they come alive right in front of your eyes. What a wonderful way to experience all the enchanted beauty around you. Such and exhilarating way to experience life. To give you a new perspective, motivation or even just appreciation.
It sounds like a dream, a dream that could very well come true. A dream that is a lot closer than you think. It goes by the name tandem paragliding. It’s a competitive, recreational sport which has been around for years. We are lucky to have the owner of Skywings paragliding involved with our vulture conservation projects. Many brave individuals, and not so brave have ventured out and tried the sport. One thing they all have in common, no regrets. You don’t need any special equipment or prior training. Everything you need is supplied to you. You don’t need to be the fittest person on earth either. Big strong muscles, or not, paragliding is for everyone. All you need is an adventurous spirit, a big brave heart, and a zest for life. It’s not that hard to achieve, simply head over to the Skywings website, and book your flight!
If you’re looking to do things a little differently this year around. Looking for a little inspiration to get you through the rest of the year. Paragliding would be a great way to start off the New Year. If you are wanting to try something new. Be a little braver than last year, why not give paragliding a try. If you have overseas relatives, or guests coming over and you’re trying to figure out the best way for them to experience all the beauty Cape Town has to offer. Why not do it with a little bit of valour. One of the best and most unique ways to explore the splendid City of Cape Town would be by paragliding.